Connected Board Column => Very slow (Contact & Company with over 6000 contacts)

We have a board with contacts (about 6000 entries) and one with companies (about 2500 entries). When I want to view or change my contacts in the company board, is very slow. Sometimes it takes up to 15 seconds until the window opens. It is very tedious to work like this. Who has tips on how to get around this?

I’m trying to do exactly the same and it is very slow to bring up the window with the connected entries. I assume it is because of the quantitiy of data that needs to be proceesed to bring up the window with a long list of entries.

I’d be really happy with just a search box and then it would just show a list of possible matches so I can select the one I want. I’m not gong to expect to scroll through a very long list of thouusands of accounts to make a connection