Boards loading very slow (on fast internet connection)

After a painstaking 6 months of our workflow being built, we’ve finally started using it and we’re constantly struggling with how slow it runs.

From what I can see compared to other boards in the showcase section here, our boards are VERY simple in comparison.

  • Most will have maybe 1-2 (connected boards).
  • Approx 10 columns on most boards.
  • Numbers of groups per board ranges from around 2 - 20.
  • Numbers of tasks (in total, amoung all the groups) around 25-100.
  • Most boards have 3-4 customised tables (in addition to the main table.)

Our internet speed is around 150mb/s and we use the latest version of chrome. We have tested all browsers and same load speed.

Here is what we’re finding:

  • Boards take anywhere from 15-45 seconds to load fully.
  • Even when they do load, it loads progressively - so we don’t know if what we’re looking at is the finished data. Leaving us with wasted time of “that doesn’t look correct… Oh wait, it’s still loading”
  • When a button is clicked (Eg: to create a new item an link) this takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Even then, sometimes it doesn’t load and we have to refresh the page, forcing another 15-45 second wait.)

Overall, because each single thing we try to do takes to long to load, doing the most basic of tasks (Eg: adding a new item in, linking it to the main board) and then the subsequent waits in refreshes takes anywhere from 2-3 minutes up to 10 minutes.

Is there something major that I’m missing here that we’re doing wrong? Surely this isn’t normal that people are spending hours a week waiting for pages to load to undertake the most basic of tasks.

I’m very concerned by this, as we’ve barely even started rolling out any advanced features or functionality yet!!


Hi @JakeT :wave:

Thanks so much for writing in to us with this - this definitely sounds strange!

Could you please take a short screen recording and send this to our support team? You can reach them via
This does sound like it may be a bug within your account, so this would best be handled on a 1:1 basis with our support team as we may need to ask for personal details, permission to log into your account etc.

I apologise for the additional work here!



I have been trying to get support from for a while now.

Even on the first enquiry I sent across, they just forwarded back a stock standard response asking for information I literaly provided in my support ticket request.

Every subsequent interaction has been the same, asking for the same informaton I had already sent over.

Whenever I send a follow up request asking how this is going, I’m just told it’s “with our developers.”

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Hi again @JakeT

Sorry to hear this has been your experience with our support team so far.
Are you able to shoot me a private message with your account URL so that we can take a closer look?

Thanks in advance!



We too are experiencing speed issues. We are thinking about moving items from our main boards into several boards so that the main board is not trying to run a bunch of automations all at the same time. Do you think this would help at all?

Hi @chekmate

Sorry to hear you’re having these issues!

For optimal performance we recommend a board stay under 1000 items and 40 columns.
If your board is significantly larger than this, I’d recommend trying to split out the data in to multiple boards.

Likewise with automations, if your board has a large amount of automations running on it, this can cause speed issues.
We’d be happy to work with you to see how we can help reduce the automations you’re using if this happens to be the source of the issue! The support team will be happy to help with this - you can reach them via
We’ll need to see screenshots of the automations and your board, so this would best be handled by our support team rather than publicly in this thread :smile:



Just to chime in. I have been having the exact same problems.

  1. Boards take a super long time to load.
  2. Connected boards sometimes fail to load all together
  3. Dashboard data can not be trusted unless it is triple checked, because it will omit data that has not loaded into the source boards. This is a BIG problem when generating reports for clients. A simple report can become a 1 hour time suck (I have to double check that all the items are properly recorded). I have also noticed random changes to filters and setting in dashboards…so these need to be double checked each time.
  4. Automations are slow to execute. (and occasionally don’t execute at all) My experience has been 5 seconds on a light board to >60 seconds on a heavy board depending on time of day.

Some of the things that I have found to help include:

  1. I do a hard refresh, and then visit all of the board pages just to load data before doing any work. This takes about 5 minutes of wasted time, but saves me 5-60 minutes of getting frustrated and chasing down phantom missing data. This works 70% of the time.
    2: Close all other tabs and windows in chrome.
    3: Come back later if things are not working after doing 1 and 2.
    4: Spit boards to limit the number of items per board. I have found that splitting boards with large number of items (in our case that means ~5000) into 2 or more can help a little. I have done this so much that I have hit the limit of number of allowed boards linked to a dashboard. We are a growing business and it is hard to see how will scale with us, if we are already bumping up against capacity limits.

These issues REALLY slow down our workflow, which is crappy for a system that is supposed to automate workflows and make things more efficient. support is a useless time suck with repeated stock email asking for a loom video with info already provided (same experience as JakeT)

I love the features offered by They are perfect for managing my business processes. Dashboards are an excellent tool for tracking metrics and reporting to clients. Unfortunately the reliability, latency issues and automation quirks make me wonder whether I made the right choice.

If anyone else has any tips to cure these issues, please post here.


We dont have any large tables (way less than 200 items and 8/9 rows). We are starting to see a lag every time a table loads.


I am having similar issues:

  • Boards often take a long time to load, especially timeline columns.
  • Occasionally workspaces need to be refreshed in order for all boards to show up.
  • When using Dependency Automation, timelines take a very long time to update down a project plan (even when only using a 1:1 item-dependent item relationship).
  • If you mistakenly make another change to a timeline in a sequence, before the rest of the sequence has fully finished from the last change, it can cause problems all over the board.

I haven’t even started adding in connected boards yet for fear that our project plans will never load/update correctly.

The idea of the project plan automation sounds good, but in practice it is difficult to use and prone to errors.

Hi everyone. I just upgraded my trial account for and have configured small automations. My experience is very similar to what is outlined in previous comments. Before our company goes any further with, we are wondering what your experience has been with customer service and their success in providing solutions for this issue?

Thank you in advance for any feedback.

We are having similar problems. It appears that this issue has been going on for over 6 month, and is shared by many others. Our data isn’t consistently loading from shared boards, and is taking an inordinate amount of time to load. This makes review during a project meeting near impossible. Our team (30 Seats) is starting to lose confidence in the data that is being presented, and is exploring alternate platforms.

Same here - Problems even with small boards. @JakeT, were you able to resolve your issues?

Sounds like multiple other people are having this same issue. We are now too. Has this been addressed yet? We are no where near 1000 items on our boards and still seeing quite a lag. i am currently rolling this out to other employees and the lag time is making it difficult to train and making me question the feasibility of using monday.

Hi All :wave:

We have recently rolled out a new board experience for all users.
This new board experience includes a range of improvements including board performance.
If you’re still experiencing issues with board loading with the new board experience, we’d love to have our support team look at each case individually, as they may not have the same root cause.

You can read more about the board improvements that we’ve made as part of the updated experience here: Introducing the new board design :tada:

Hope this helps!

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