A glimpse of the new monday.com data infrastructure

In am excited to share with you one of the most exciting updates to our platform! Our team has been hard at work building mondayDB, a new data infrastructure, designed to drive your best work by:

  • Supporting a larger scale of boards and dashboards at speed
  • Extending our public API and data manipulation capabilities,
  • supporting countless new use cases and custom workflows

While you won’t be able to see mondayDB, you will be able to feel it and will get a notification when it is added. Check it out!

More info about mondayDB here.


Hi Juliette. I see that the release date for DB1.0 is this month. Is that on schedule to happen?

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Hello Juliette. What are Aggretations that are scheduled in version 1.2? Thanks!

Hey Terry - yes it sure, this first version is already being rolled out! You should start to recognise its impact when loading larger boards and you’ll receive a notification when it’s rolled out to your account :raised_hands:

What about item cards?
I have a board of 6-7k contacts that loads relatively quickly, but when I try opening the overview, it takes a good 25+ seconds to load, for at least the first time.

When I share a link to an item card, the loading latency gives the visitor just enough time to click out of the item page view and cause the item page to never show up.

@RaymondChin Hey! Hm, 25 seconds is a fairly decent loading time…which means this might need our support teams attention. Would you be happy to send us a private message with a few more details about this behaviour (i.e. does this only occur on this board? Does the same behaviour occur in an incognito window)? :pray:

hey there! is there a way tenant admins can validate if MondayDB has been enabled for their account? wouldn’t be surprised if some of us may miss the initial notification :joy: