Burndown charts are here!

Hello community,
I’m thrilled to announce the release of a game changing feature: burndown chart is now available for monday dev users :fire:.

Now you can easily track the performance of your sprints and boots the velocity of your team, with intuitive burndown charts.

And that is not it: we also created an activity log panel so each team member can visualize any change made to items in the sprint.

Burndown chart is available for all monday dev new and existing users, here’s where to find it:
In your active sprint board click on the three dots on top right > Burndown chart

We are looking forward to hearing your feedback.
Feel free to add any question here in the thread or make your own post.

This is available for everyone to use? Can’t seem to locate this feature in my current board or by creating a new sprint board from the available templates. Help?

Hi, can’t find this either…

Hi, the feature is available within monday dev.
When you open up a sprint, there will be a burndown button at the sprint header -