Weekly Progress Tracker

I have a board with different groups of pulses and work will happen in parallel. I have created a dashboard to monitor the progress and have the battery widget to show the progress percentage.

Is there a way for me to check the progress difference every week so i can assess the amount of work done

Appreciate a workaround method or insights on how this can be achieved


We have the same setup. Following your post, would love to know the difference over time.

There’s a feature request being created for enabling us to add burndown charts. This would solve the issue for me Burndown charts

Hey @lazziebob (and @Eltjo), I’d love to learn a bit more here! Have you already tried out using the progress tracking column? This will give you percentages of progress, and you could filter by week on your board.

Were you looking for the difference between two percentages? How are you measuring progress?

Let me know and I’ll see if I can think of any workarounds :+1:


I did try adding the progress tracking column and set the weights for each status. I am unable to locate the option of filtering the board by week or date…

I am looking to measure the percentage increase and completion of tasks week on week and get the progress details…

At the moment the battery widget just gives the progress based on Completed status only and i cannot find the difference

Any workaround would be helpful