Dashboard - Widget to view all pulse items in a certain status across all boards

Hi, new to Monday so sorry if this has already been requested.

We are using Monday for project management, to help organize and keep track of progress and simplify processes.
We are using Boards to generate a step by step process to complete projects, (using templates). Each pulse is organized as a task to be completed in order (With automation to make the next task be moved to “Current step” group on the board). Each “task” that a board is on is basically the current progress of the project. We have 90 active projects, so need to have 90 boards, with a widget to track like projects at their current stage.

Feedback, solution #1:
I would like a widget that can take all connected boards and display ALL pulse items in a certain status (ex. “Working on it”).
Ideally, this can be used as a means to view all projects (Boards) and the current step they are on and who is assigned to that project as well due date for that task, all in one place.

The closest I can get to this is by having a table display (separated by board) the status filtered to “working on it”. This is not helpful because the amount of time that it takes to set up the widget is a waste, and even still with each board separated when displayed it is useless because you have to scroll so much to get the bottom.

Solution #2:
If we could make a board made up of other boards pulses in a specific status, that would work too. This way we could organize them into groups by project or potentially person assigned.

Hopefully that made sense. Either way, let me know what everything thinks.