Calculate age based on birthdate

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I use this formula to calculate age based on “birthday” date column (showing years) :


You could even chose to show “Happy Birthday !” on the exact day with this second formula, even though I find it more convenient to use the first formula and set up an automation to get notified on someone’s birthday, since it allows your “Age” column to be populated only by numbers, for instance if you want to calculate the average age in a team :

IF(MONTH(TODAY())>MONTH({Birthday});YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Birthday});IF(MONTH(TODAY())=MONTH({Birthday});IF(DAY(TODAY())>DAY({Birthday});YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Birthday});IF(DAY(TODAY())=DAY({Birthday});“Happy Birthday !”;YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Birthday})-1);YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Birthday});YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Birthday})-1);YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Birthday})-1))

I hope it can help anyone !


Thank you so much for this. Super helpful and just what i needed :slight_smile:

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Glad it could help you :slight_smile:

Thank you this was exactly what I was looking for!

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Hi and how to automate using a function field? I think this is not possible to get a notification using a function ?


To get notifications, you should use the Automation feature, and set up something like “when this column reaches this value, then notify this person”
But I don’t know if this first column can be a formula one…

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