Our favourite formula: "Age Check"


at our Company we work together with many young people. For legal reasons they have to be over 18 to work with us. To perform a quick age check on our data (coming in from a Typeform application - but that is another story) we made a formula to perform a age check on a “Birthday-Column”. It works great (took some time to figure it out):

IF((DAYS((DATE((SUM(YEAR({Birthday}),18)),(MONTH({Birthday})),(DAY({Birthday})))),TODAY()))>0,“not 18”,“over 18”)


The screenshot is in German Geburtsdatum=Birthday and we used “ok” instead of “over 18”.


This is an awesome formula! It’s always so interesting to see the different formulas people make on the platform! Do you use any other juicy formulas on monday.com?

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