Date formula Upcoming Birthday (Date)

I’m hunting for a formula that will display the upcoming birthday of an employee, client, vendor, etc. If their birthday is 6/25/1987 as input in the “Birthday” date column then I want the “Upcoming Birthday” formula/date column to read 6/25/2022 or whatever the upcoming birthday would be.

I know there has to be a way to do this with the formula function, I’m just not as versed in creating original formulas though. Can anyone help?


This should do it:

      IF(DAYS(YEAR(TODAY()) & FORMAT_DATE({Date}, "-MM-DD"), TODAY()) < 0,
         YEAR(TODAY()) & FORMAT_DATE({Date}, "-MM-DD"), 
         (YEAR(TODAY()) + 1) & FORMAT_DATE({Date}, "-MM-DD")), 
   "MMM D, Y"), 

You can change “MMM D, Y” in the second to last line to whatever date format you would like to see.

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You, Sir. Are a gentleman and a scholar!

Works like a charm. Thanks!


Your comment made me smile… My dad used to say that to me all the time.

Glad it worked.