Find the Next Anniversary date from start date

I’m trying to setup a formula that will find the next anniversary date. Then I will setup a automation 5 days before that date to create item in our weekly update board so celebrate with the team.

Hi Blaine,


IF(DATE(YEAR(NOW()),MONTH({Start Date}),DAY({Start Date}))>NOW(),FORMAT_DATE(DATE(YEAR(NOW()),MONTH({Start Date}),DAY({Start Date}),"MMM D, YYYY")),FORMAT_DATE(DATE(SUM(YEAR(NOW()),1),MONTH({Start Date}),DAY({Start Date})),"MMMM D, YYYY"))

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This worked! The sorting is off it doesn’t look like it is shorting by date but instead the first letter of month. Do you know if I can change that?

Change "“MMM D, YYYY” for “YYYY-MM-DD” (twice in the syntax).