Date Formula

I have created a formula column that will calculate a renewal date. I need to use that date in an automation.

Is this possbile or does anyone know of a work around so I can trigger automations off of this column

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Hi there @sharonmartinko, as it stands, Monday does not support automations using the formula columns, but there is always a work around.

If you supply more information on the data going into your formula column and the formula itself I’d be able to let you know of a work around.

Good Morning Nathan

Here is what I am trying to do

@sharonmartinko it looks like your post got cut off.

Well – lets try this again :blush:

I have a date column that contains a ‘Renewal Date’. I need to have another date column that takes that renewal date and based on that date – moves the ‘contact date’ back -90 days.

For example

Renewal Date – 01.01.2025

Contact Date – 10.01.2024

When that contact date hits – I also want to have the status to automatically change to ‘Renewal’ and send out an email/notification to a group.

Currently I have the ‘Contact Date’ field as a formula and therefore cannot create any automations based on that field