Add Dates Function for regular Dates Column, not just Formulas

My team uses boards to track client assessment completion and sends out emails to clinicians to complete surveys once a window has been opened as well as reminders when they have passed their window.

I need to be able to set dates based on other days entered, for example, after one survey is entered in two months the next surveys window will be open/due, and once THAT survey is entered, in five more months another assessment will be due.

One issue we have run into is that the only way to add days to a Dates column is to either create a button that when clicked adds days and changes the column, and therefore can be automated to send out an email on that date OR I have used formulas to calculate the dates that I need, but automations will not interact with the formula, so it requires that I manually add the date in a traditional Date column for the automations to read.

If a formula is calculating a date is it possible to make it so you can recognize this as a Date, and therefore be able to set up automations?
Is it possible for the traditional Dates column to have the capability to be calculated based on another Dates column, just like the Add dates formula does?

Thank you!