Help! Formula: DATE

I have a formula to calculate & set a date specific to the status that the item’s at.

e.g. if Status = A, then date is ‘1 Jan 2023’, if Status = B, then date is ‘13 Feb 2023’ and so on.

am guessing it’s a combo with formatdate - anyone found an answer.

but it shows up as a text and not a date that I can take action on for instance, sending alerts and notifications via automations.

given that we can’t parse values that are not in any columns…your wizardry will help!

Been struggling with setting up the date/timeline thing for 4 weeks now and so far my solutions were

  1. too cost prohibitive (3rd party app) i.e. low ROI
  2. mirrored timelines isn’t recognised for automations/formula
  3. status-specific formulas turned off the automations when activated (team at monday’s on it)
  4. I can’t do anything with the date in the formula (above)

Hi Jenny
Hope all is well

Hopefully this gives what you need
It formats the date into a date format based on the status selection

IF({Status for date}=“A”,FORMAT_DATE(“2022-11-16”,“D-MMM-YY”),IF({Status for date}=“B”,FORMAT_DATE(“2022-11-28”,“D-MMM-YY”),IF({Status for date}=“C”,FORMAT_DATE(“2022-11-30”,“D-MMM-YY”),“”)))

If you need any additional help, just let me know
Many thanks in advance

Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 11.36.12

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Thanks @DanIngham-IOI I’ll give this a go!

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