Date Formula | - if date column is after a certain date

Perhaps someone can help me with this? - it’s a simple one I’m sure if you know how!

IF(Date Column A is after a certain date), “after”, “before”)

I’m struggling with how to lay out the part of the formula “date column is after a certain date”. (The certain date being 1st March 2023)

Hi @djb85,


IF({Date} > "2023-03-01", "after", "before")

You may need to use >= depending on how you want to treat March 1.

Also, if you have items without date, the result will be “before”, so you may want to exclude those items­ by checking first if the column is empty, ie. {Date} = “”

IF({Date}="", "", IF({Date} > "2023-03-01", "after", "before"))