Perfect schedule w/formulas - ideas for all & expert members assistance requested

Hi all,

I’m building a comprehensive schedule board that I’m confident this method will be helpful for many of the community members and will give them a good idea of what this amazing platform can do.

I would appreciate a formula expert to help with below formula

Four applicable columns:

{Due Date} – Pre-determined schedule

{Status} – Not started, Working on it, HELP, DELAYED, N/A, Done

{ACTUAL Date} – no data.

{On-time?} – formula column to show if each pulse was completed on-time/delayed.

Applicable automations:

“When {Status} changes to Done , set {ACTUAL Date} to current date plus 0 days

1 day after {Due Date} arrives and Status is Not started/Working on it/HELP , change it to DELAYED”

In my {On-time?} formula column my goal is to achieve this:

{Due date} passed by 1 or more days (AND IS NOT “Done” AND NOT ”N/A” in {Status} = “DELAY by xyz day(s)”.

OPTIONAL: Would be really impressive to add on top of that if possible, the following:

IF {ACTUAL Date} > {Due Date} THEN calculate how many days in between and insert them in the xyz above.

I hope this gave you all some good ideas. Really need somebody to help me build this formula, I got a bit lost.

Thank you.

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Hey @OmerZ,

I’d love to help here! Can you elaborate on what you’re looking to achieve with the comprehensive schedule board? What do you want the formula to do in the end?

Let me know!

All the best,