Formula Help with Due Dates

Can i make a formula column that executes different formulas based on a status?

IF Status = “X” then change Due Date to today plus 7 workdays.
IF Status = “Y” then change Due Date to today plus 10 workdays.


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IF({Status}=“Done”,“Done”,IF(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Due Date},{Time Est days})<TODAY(),“Overdue”,IF(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Due Date},{Time Est days})<ADD_DAYS(TODAY(),2),“MUST START”,IF(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Due Date},{Time Est days})<ADD_DAYS(TODAY(),7),“CLOSE”,IF(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Due Date},{Time Est days})>ADD_DAYS(TODAY(),7),“ON TRACK”,"")))))

A little explanation, this is a multiple nested if that first checks to see if status is “Done”, it is done then sets a flag in the current field to “Done”, if not it subtracts the time estimate days from the due date and compares that to today, if that is less than today, then we are overdue, if not
subtract the time estimate from the due data, and compare it to today +2 days, if so, set the flag to must start, if not…

and so on
for your application:
if(status=“X”, add_date(today(),7), if(status = “Y”, add_date(today(),10),""))

I don’t guarantee that is going to work as is , but it will be close