Calculating Start & End Dates

Is there a way to calculate start and due dates off of a fixed project end date?

Example: I have a project that I am working towards a go live of 5/1/2023

  • Each item should have a start date calculated off of the same go live date
  • Each item should have an due date calculated off of the go live date
    *Dependencies between items can change - some items can be same day, 5 days between, 7 days between.

I was using the formula below, but it is requires a date completed to calculate and I am trying to get the start and due dates to show for all line items

FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Date Completed},{Number of DaysA}))*

Hi @K_Couture - What you could do is have an “End Date” column, that gets populated for every entry, then utilize a number column for the number of days for each task based on the end date (you would need to enter as a negative).

Then use the following automation to calculate the due date:


Basically, the date would be your end date and the another date would be your due date column.

Hope this helps!

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