Calendar widget legend & colour coding


Right now the legend at the bottom of my Team Calendar looks like this, and while I appreciate that the colour for any combination of BG, Mo & JP is the same on the calendar itself – that leads to me to the question, why are they shown as different entries in the legend? It really clutters up the space for me & makes the widget useless for “at a glance”. I’d like to turn to turn off this order-differentiation & just have it show up as “BG, Mo, JP” once rather than 5 times.
If this is a helpful option for others, that’s fine. I’d suggest a toggle on/off for this.

Additionally, while I’m here, I would actually prefer the colour coding to be individual-specific, rather than combo-specific. Something similar to this EventMerge GCal extension:

Again, I imagine some people find combo-specific colour coding useful, so a toggle in the widget settings for this would be perfect. (And then the first suggestion would be a toggle under this second one.)


Color coding on the Calendar widget needs to be specific and customizable! I recently discovered that my coworkers all see a complete different color scheme for the items on the same calendar widget. Colors should be consistent across all board users and should be able to be set by the users.

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