Can i set a board to a specific time zone?

My business schedules appointments for businesses that are in different time zones.
I am in central time and my clients are in pacific time. Currently right now when i set an appointment for 2:00PM it shows up on my clients calendar as 12:00PM (keep in mind i want the appointment to show up as 2:00PM on my clients calendar) since they are 2 hours behind me. How should i go about this? Am i able to adjust the time zone for a specific board? If not, what are my options for a work around?
Thanks for the help!

hi @Tsmsolutionsmidwest

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When you say “i set an appointment for 2:00PM”, do you mean you set date/time in your board? If so, another user that has access to the board in a different TZ will see their local representation of that date/time column in monday.

If you are talking about scheduling in an external calendar that is a total different topic. I suggest you add a little more context to this question.

Hi Bas,
You are correct in the aspect of scheduling in an external calendar.

I use to create the calendar event, once the event becomes a item on my board, it will trigger Zapier to create a detailed calendar event for the google calendar that the event will appear on. FYI, I have created an additional user on and set that user to Pacific time zone (which my client is in) and made sure that the google calendar itself was set for Pacific Time zone.
As i am responding here its becoming more apparent that this may be a Zapier issue??

Any help/direction would be greatly appreciated, thanks for responding!

Also, yes when i say “i set an appointment for 2:00PM”, i mean i set date/time on my board

It sure looks like something you have to set correctly in Zappier. In monday each user has its own TZ setting and dates & times are internally all stored in UTC. Depending on the TZ of the user monday will show the correct time (for that user).

In a scenario that involves external services the external service becomes the “user”. I guess you need to set the TZ correctly in Zapier.


I am in the Pacific Zone. Am I to understand that if I wanted to set a follow up email to go out at 8:00 (0800) AM PST and created a “when date arrives” automation, I am telling to send the follow email 0000 UTC or will that email go out at 0800 PST becuase that where I am?

hi @mark.stout

If you do this all inside the monday UI (with or without automations) you should be fine.

In short: the monday UI is timezone aware, although dates/times are stored internally in UTC. However the monday API is not timezone aware, so if you use integrations (like Zapier, Integromat, apps) the “other” app needs to do the timezone corrections itself.

The answer to your question:

monday will trigger at 08:00 PST (16:00 UTC).

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I think it’s must change people today work around the world with different time zone and it’s needed in order to work in different time zone.

Even when I’m in travel it’s doesn’t make sense to change my computer time zone for to work properly it’s need to be configured by Board or User profile.