Can Monday Form be used to Recieve payment?

I was checking through monday forms and I wanted to know if it could receive payment. if not, is there a work around? is not a payment processor. You would need to use a separate payment processing service and integrate it so that orders/purchase details are sent to There is an integration for stripe, for example, which will send purchase date to

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I understand, my question is can those payment gateways be integrated directly into the form interface? Essentially, I’m asking if sales can be completed directly through the form.

No they cannot, because monday form fields are columns from the board.

I thought as much.

Thank you so much

Hey @biye_byte ! You can use Fillout forms to integrate Stripe and Monday directly. Simply add a payment page and connect your Stripe account (there’s no additional fee on top of the Stripe fee). Then, you can integrate the form with your Monday board. Hope this helps!

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