Stripe automations / Payments

In our workteam, we want to connect Stripe with monday, and we did it succesfully, BUT!!! we can’t find the final thing that we really need:
I want an automation that brings the the date that we will have the full payment in our account, not the day that customers paid us. I don’t know if i’m very clear in this, but i´ve already talked with Support and the answer of them was: Only a charge event, a successful charge, a failed charge, a charge refund, a charge update, a charge capture, a charge expiry, and a new pending charge creation, can be mapped to Monday.
Sooo, as you can see, the exact moment that the payment it’s definitly in our bank account (and that is something that Stripe show us) can’t be integrated to Monday. Anyone has an idea or another “solution”? I really hope you will bear that in mind when it comes to, 'cause Monday has been a great hand in our team work.
Thank you!
PD: Sorry if I have too many grammatical errors, it’s not my native language.

hi @Julieta

Welcome to the community. As far as I know the date that Stripe sends the total amount in your Stripe account to you bank can be configured in Stripe. In my account (as an example) that date is the 24th of the month. Three days before that (21st) Stripe will add incoming payments to the next month. Therefore every transaction with a date before between the 22nd of previous month and 21st of this month will be in my bank account at the 24th. With that it would eb easy to create a formula that sets the date to the date the money is in your ban account (I guess :slight_smile:)

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