Problem regarding integrating stripe with monday

Not being able to integrate my stripe account with monday
It keeps coming up with an error message from Monday trying to connect.

The purchase from the the website goes through to stripe
I had an issue where it wouldn’t pay out to Wise, however this seems to be resolved
I purchased the standard plan
I am wondering if it had to do with the token in Stripe that makes it fail but I have followed the directions

Hey Daud!

Charlotte here for the monday team! :wave: Thanks for letting us know!

It could be a bug or issue with how the integration is set up. Could you send us a message here or on social media so our integrations team can investigate the issue?

It would be super helpful if you could include a screen recording or screen shot of the issue in your message to our team too. You can use to record a screen recording video for free.

Looking forward to hearing from you!