Can Monday's CRM Software Integrate with Other Platforms?

Hello my name is Manav Gangwani from Bangalore.
Can Monday’s CRM software integrate with other tools and platforms we use in our company?
Please help with the answer! Thankyou :slight_smile:

Hey Manav!

Absolutely,’s CRM software can integrate with a wide array of tools and platforms that you might be using in your company. This integration capability enhances workflow efficiency by connecting various business applications, allowing seamless data flow and automation of tasks.

With, you can easily link up with popular tools like Google Sheets, Airtable, and ManyChat. It also integrates with major platforms such as for sales, Slack for team communication, and Trello for project management. These integrations are facilitated through built-in connectors and third-party services like Zapier and, making it highly versatile for different business needs.

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Hey @Manav Gangwani CRM platform supports around 200+ integrations. So, you can easily integrate standard apps and platforms you use in your workplace with the monday CRM. By connecting apps/platforms with the CRM, you can improve workflow efficiency and collaboration capabilities.

Being a reputable integrations services provider, we help clients across the world with CRM integrations. Our dedicated integration experts efficiently configure built-in connectors and third-party APIs, seamlessly integrating the apps with the CRM.

Connect with our experts today and share your CRM integration needs!