Can starting one time tracker stop another?

We are using the time tracker to run timesheets and at the moment it is possible to run two trackers simultaneously. We would really like starting the tracking for one item to automatically stop any other tracking already running. Is this possible to set up?


Hi @StephRH !

Unfortunately that is not a feature at the moment. I would encourage you to post under the tag “Feature feedback” so that others who are having the same issue as you can vote on this topic as well though!


Hey @StephRH! You actually can achieve this but you will have to set up an automation recipe for each time tracking column that you want to be stopped when the first one stops.

Here’s the custom automation recipe you’ll want to set up: “When column changes, stop time tracking”. Then you’ll select your time tracking column for the “column” field in the “When column changes” trigger.

If you have any questions about this, let us know at! :blush:

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