Is there an automation to stop timetracking automatically?

Hello everyone,

I recently came across the time tracking function and I would like to set an automation that starts the timetracking for when the status of a column changes or a certain date arrives (which I can do); however I have not yet found any possibility to automatically stop the time tracking as well (e.g. if status of the item is changed to “Done”, timetracking stops.)

Is this simply not available or am I overlooking aything?

Thanks in advance for any feedback!

Hi @mlands!

There is an ability to start and stop the time tracking in the custom automations.

To get to this menu, click on automations in the top right corner, then custom automations (I think they changed the menu to by default go to custom automations though. If you are on the custom page you will see a statement that says “when this happens, then do this”)

Hope this helps!

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Hi @jailynnlucidday,

thanks for the quick reply! I am using the german version and was confused that I couldn’t choose this even after revealing more options for actions. Turns out I can search for “stop” and it will pop up - could have thought of that sooner too.