Can the SWITCH formula do number compares?

I love the SWITCH function for working with my drop downs. But can it do number compares as well?

SWITCH({Reach},>25%,“more than 25”,>50%,“more than 50”,“low”)

This always results in an error. I’ve tried use .25 instead of 25% still get an error. I do seem to be able to do this with a nested IF statement, but that’s going to get ugly as I will need to nest more than 5 IF functions per column across 4 columns.


I agree with your desire to avoid nested IFs. Unfortunately, SWITCH() cannot be used the way you are wanting.

One approach I might use (with non-nested IFs) is this:

IF({Reach} <= 0.25, "low", "") & IF(AND(0.25 < {Reach}, {Reach} <= 0.5), "more than 25", "") & IF(0.5 < {Reach}, "more than 50", "") 

If you decide to use nested IFs, I have found that formatting can help a lot:

IF({Reach} <= 0.25, "low", 
  IF({Reach} <= 0.5), "more than 25",
    IF({Reach} <= 0.75 , "more than 50", "more than 75"

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Thanks for confirming I’m not crazy at least. LOL.
It’s 5 IF in totdal. I’ve done the formatting trick before. That always makes it easier to read. I’ll have to see if that or separating them out like you have in the first example is easier to read.

Thank you.

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