If Formula nesting

I’m trying to create a formula that will take various job titles and assign them a more general role based on what their specific title is. I can get the formula to work when its just a single IF statement, but trying to nest many options is beyond me…as I don’t really have much experience with it.
An example of the statements I’m trying to nest are below (there’s actually about 50 different titles, so this is just a subset), any help would be greatly appreciated.

IF({Position} = “Lab Manager”, “Manager”, 0)
IF({Position} = “Area Supervisor”, “Manager”, 0)
IF({Position} = “Senior Site Technician”, “Manager”, 0)
IF({Position} = “Site Technician”, “Technician”, 0)
IF({Position} = “Lab Technician”, “Technician”, 0)
IF({Position} = “Operations Assistant”, “Office”, 0)
IF({Position} = “Accounts”, “Office”, 0)


Even in the best of situations nested IF functions can be difficult. For you use case I would recommend using the SWITCH() function instead. For what you gave, this is how that would look:

SWITCH({Position}, "Lab Manager", "Manager", "Area Supervisor", "Manager", "Senior Site Technician", "Manager", "Site Technician", "Technician", "Lab Technician", "Technician", "Operations Assistant", "Office", "Accounts", "Office", "ERROR")

If you would like it to return the “source” value if it is not in the list, change the last “ERROR” with {Position}



Works perfectly, thanks!

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