Nest IF Statements

Hi I am trying to get a nested IF statement to calculate some values based on the content of a Status Column. I have managed to get the formula to work as a starting point, but I need to have multiple options within there;


The idea being that I would like to have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual being reviewed and the formula calculating the value(s) as necessary.

Hi @Hitzmistry, Hitz,

Can’t you use the ELSE part of the IF to do a second IF, like (not tested):


Thanks @basdebruin I have tried the ELSE statement in various locations and unable to get it to work. This is where my struggle is.

Maybe worth trying the SWITCH statement, like:

SWITCH({Period},“Monthly”, ROUND(MULTIPLY({Premium},{Quantity}*12),2), “Quarterly”, ROUND(MULTIPLY({Premium},{Quantity}*4),2))

Thanks, I have finally resolve it…
ROUND(IF({Current Period}=“Ad Hoc”,{Premium}{Quantity}1,IF({Current Period}=“Weekly”,{Premium}{Quantity}52,IF({Current Period}=“Monthly”,{Premium}{Quantity}12,IF({Current Period}=“Quarterly”,{Premium}{Quantity}4,IF({Current Period}=“Annual”,{Premium}{Quantity}1,IF({Current Period}=“2 Year”,{Premium}{Quantity}/2,IF({Current Period}=“3 Year”,{Premium}{Quantity}/3,0))))))),2)