Nested IF statement

Can someone help me with the syntax for a Nested IF Statement?

For the Nested IF, I would think it would be similar to below:

IF({BP Status})=“Start”,FORMAT_DATE(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Date1}, 21))),
IF({BP Status}=“Second”,FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS(Date1,14))),

It’s a simple:
If this then this
If this then this
else this

Hi @NBRunner73 :wave:

The below formatting should work :slight_smile:

IF({BP Status} = "Start", FORMAT_DATE(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Date1}, 21)), (IF({BP Status} = "Second", FORMAT_DATE(ADD_DAYS({Date1}, 14)), (FORMAT_DATE(SUBTRACT_DAYS({Date1}, 7))))))

Here’s a screenshot of the formula in action!



I’m trying to replicate this formula but with with the below formula nesting within the IF statement.
FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Payment Received},13-1))

I only have two options and this is what I have come up with but can’t seem to make it work…any help would be appreciated

IF({Timeframe} = “Standard”, FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Payment Received},13-1)), (FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Payment Received},4-1))))