Nested IF Formula

I’m trying to replicate this formula but with with the below formula nesting within the IF statement.
FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Payment Received},13-1))

I only have two different outcomes, and this is what I have come up with but can’t seem to make it work…any help would be appreciated

IF({Timeframe} = “Standard”, FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Payment Received},13-1)), (FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Payment Received},4-1))))


The IF statement and FORMAT_DATE are relatively straight forward. Can you explain what you are looking to accomplish with WORKDAY({Payment Received},13-1)?

Hi Jim,

Thank you for your reply.

I have two service timeframes…Standard is 12 working days and Express is 3 working days.

I would like the formula column to automatically populate the due date from when payment is received.

So I select the service in one column, enter when the payment was received in the second column and the formula column to automatically populate the due date.

Thank you

Try this:

IF({Timeframe}= "Standard", FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Payment Received},13-1)), FORMAT_DATE(WORKDAY({Payment Received},4-1)))

That worked, thank you so much!!