Nested IF Formulas - Add days based on different criteria

HI, looking for some help with a nested IF Formula.

This is the current formula i’m trying to use, which needs to add a certain amount of days based on the Label (type) to the “launch date”

IF({Label}=“Aust L”,ADD_DAYS({Launch Date}, -30), IF({Label}=“Aust R”,ADD_DAYS({Launch Date}, 30), IF({Label}=“Med Dev Class II”,ADD_DAYS({Launch Date}, 60), IF({Label}=“Med Dev Class III”,ADD_DAYS({Launch Date}, 120)))

On it’s own this first single IF formula works, so im assuming it’s something ive missed when adding multiple IF criteria ?
IF({Label}=“Aust L”,ADD_DAYS({Launch Date}, -30)


There are some syntax issues in your formula. The basic idea is correct… However, even for formula “experts”, I always recommend avoiding nested IFs whenever possible.

Here’s how I might write it (if you don’t need the validation, you can drop the IF() completely):

IF(AND({Launch Date} <> "", 
      SWITCH({Label}, "Aust L", 1, "Aust R", 1, "Med Dev Class II", 1, "Med Dev Class III", 1, 0) <> 0),
   ADD_DAYS({Launch Date}, 
      SWITCH({Label}, "Aust L", -30, "Aust R", 30, "Med Dev Class II", 60, "Med Dev Class III", 120)

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