Can There be a Different Formula by Row

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to have the formula change row-by-row instead of applying it to all rows in a column, or if there is another way to do this. My guess is this is a common situation and just haven’t found the right way to do it yet. Here is the use case.

We have one date that is the final end date for the entire project in one column. We have another column that is the due date for each activity (by row). Each activity due date is a certain number of days prior to the final due date (eg: Logo Completed 45 days prior to the final due date). I’d like to have these activity due dates automatically applied when the final due date is first set and then recalculated if the final due date is changed. I had hoped the Subtract_Days formula would be the answer, but I can’t change the number to subtract by row when I create that. Thanks!

Hi @Erikj,

You would have to add a column to hold the number of days each activity needs to be completed before the final end date. In the case of the logo, the value in this column would be 45. Then you can use

SUBTRACTDAYS({Final End Date},{Nb Days Before})

Thanks. That’s really helpful! Will try putting the variable part of the date in a separate column.