Can you retrieve a timestamp for when an App was installed with the API?

We’re working on improving our Glances app onboarding flow in Monday. Is it possible to know when an App was installed in monday? Or a way to know if it’s the current user’s first time to use the app?

We’re trying to find a way to determine if the current monday user just installed the app so we can trigger certain things on our backend.

We have the app webhooks installed, but I don’t know how reliable the timing is between when we get the actual “app installed” hook vs. when the user actually clicks the install button from the monday marketplace.

Any ideas?


My experience is that the install webhook is sent within seconds of clicking the install button. So you can rely on the timestamp field in the webhook as an accurate (enough) time for the install.

The blue full disclosure seems to indicate right now this just collects the data but they haven’t yet provided an API to get access to the data.

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In my tests the webhooks seem to fire almost instantly, just trying to keep in mind that’s probably on a queue that might get clogged up and delayed one day, so having a safe fall back in case it’s not working.

I hadn’t seen the value-created events. That will be nice once that’s full implemented and you can see what’s going on.


Even if queued, the timestamp field is going to likely be the time it was installed, the delay will just be in sending. That said globally, there are less app webhook events than you’d think.

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Hi @chadhutchins10,

Webhooks are a great option in this instance. The install webhook will not send when the button is clicked, rather it will send once the installation has finished successfully. Even if the webhook is queued, as @codyfrisch mentioned, the timestamp should reflect that of the event itself.

If you’d like to verify a specific webhook, you can message me with the app ID and account ID that installed the app. We will compare the value in the webhook with the event in our system.

We are working on improving app analytics and providing more info to devs, and the value-created event is part of that process. We will update the community and changelog with any new additions/updates, but in the mean time, feel free to send me those details if you’d like to verify the timestamp on a webhook :smiley:


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