Can't edit posts

I can’t add a 4th reply to a post here on the community site. The system tells me I should edit an old post instead. Okay, but I can’t figure out how to edit old posts. If I delete a post, it still counts against the 3.

Hey @mgambrell!

Sorry to hear this :frowning:

Would you be happy to share a screenshot so we can see exactly what’s happening when you attempt to edit a community post?

I can’t attempt to do it. I can’t even figure out how to do it.
EDIT 3: Will it let me do this?
EDIT 4: How about this?

And yet it still doesn’t work. Here’s a picture of me trying to edit that other post:


Any news?? I need to complain again on the backspace thread but I can’t.

Hi @mgambrell,

My sincerest apologies for missing your responses here :pray:

Can you please share with me the link to the post you’re referencing so I can look into this?

Thank you for sharing! Are you able to edit this particular message?

I have also responded to your comment, so please let me know if you are able to reply to my comment!

I can’t edit that comment. When I select the text, I don’t get an edit prompt. And there’s no pencil icon. I can edit the post I just posted though (the reply you requested)

I can see the reply went through - I have also deleted one of your comments to allow for an additional comment on that post. Can you try commenting once more? :pray:

OK, well I really just wanted to spam complaints so deleting comments to make room for others is counterproductive. BUT OK, at least I was able to post an update about how it’s still broken. Thanks.

I am investigating the comment limit internally to better understand why this might be happening. That said, in regard to your feature request, for some background, every quarter we take the features with the top votes to our development team for a response. As such, the greater the votes the better in order to get this request on our developers radar. We encourage you to share the request around to get the votes up on your request :pray:

Still limited to 3 replies. Still trying to spam complaints. Still can’t delete own posts or reply to them. Why do I feel like I’m in a ghost town here?

Hi Matthew,

I am sorry for my failure to follow up with you!

Can you please let me know if you run into the same issue again? I’ve made an adjustment on the back end :pray:

Yep, that worked. Thanks. If only the team responsible for te–

ctrl+backspace works fine here. let the record show. it works beautifully. now then, ahem:

If only the team responsible for the app itself were as responsive as the team responsible for handling complaints about how unresponsive the team responsible for the app is, then would be… … making me feel more like it’s a friday. Heard that one yet? The irony of me posting that on a sunday night is not lost on me. Hey, it’ll be monday again in a few minutes. Looking forward to another week of hitting (ctrl+backspace, space) for a while until it just begins to reprogram my brain, then switching elsewhere and doing the same thing, which yields spurious spaces in the middle of whatever I write until my brain is deprogrammed backed to normal key input again.