CarbonWeb & PhoneBurner - Power Dialing within

Over the last couple of months our team has begun utilizing a power dialing tool internally for our sales
team. This has helped autonomously boost productivity when it comes to lead and prospect outreach.
Due to the overwhelming success, we had found while utilizing such a program made us ask “Why is no
one providing a tool within the platform?”. Without much hesitation our integrations team
got right to work and developed an app that solved just that.

After weeks of market research at CarbonWeb we partnered with one of the best power dialing
programs on the market, PhoneBurner ( Having this partnership has
allowed us to integrate all the amazing power dialing capabilities right into

Currently, we need your help to perfect and provide an amazing tool to the entire user
base. Therefore, we are providing a free one-week Alpha testing program starting next week, Monday
the 26th of April. The trial will not only include access to the application itself but also a trial of
PhoneBurner, a demo and a customized on boarding experience. This will ensure that we support the
users of this new app while allowing them to maximize their time using the groundbreaking power
dialing application.

Please signup below if you are interested in joining Alpha Testing.
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Additionally, the features the application includes.

Workspace Templates

Dialing Session Template
Allows user to have a fully automated power dialing experience within a native board.

Sales Process funnel
To be used in sync with the Dialing Session Template this basic sales funnel should give a full sales experience.

Board View

Dialing Session View
This view allows user’s to begin a dialing session within a classic Monday expiernece. The users begin a dialing session within PhoneBurner based on a group selection.


Call Status Tracking
Call status tracking includes two integrations that allow us to change a status within based on if the call was answered or not answered.

Disposition Tracking
Disposition tracking also includes two integrations that will allow us to either write an update or change a status based on a specific PhoneBurner disposition hit within a dialing session.

Database Sync
The Database Sync allows users to sync contacts from PhoneBurner to and also update them when they change inside a user’s board.

Last Called Date
Last call date is a singular integration that allows the last called date to come into in order to track when a contact was last dialed.