Change components color based on selected theme(dark, light etc)

I am trying to adjust Vibe components colors of my app based on the users selected theme .
What I tried is something like this:
lblDescription { color: var(–secondary-text-color); }
This is not a great way as I have to markup all the possible components to adjust their color.
Is there some faster way to tell Vibe components the theme directly and let them decide on their on the colors to use?


I am also trying to do that with no success, would be great if there was a prop that simply changes the theme of the table

Doesn’t this happen on its own using ThemeProvider here New `themeConfig` property in the context of view apps

Or maybe you meant something else. For me I just add 3-4 lines of code, and it works for vibe compoennts on their own. For my personal components I have to do custom css, but for vibe this works like charm.

Also better to post these type of questions on dev community