Tip of the week #1: Add some colour to your groups

While monday.com will apply default colours to your boards once they’ve been created, you don’t have to settle for those. Perhaps you’d like to colour code your boards based on month, team, tasks etc., or maybe you just want to make your boards a bit more personal by incorporating your favourite colours and seeing which ones work well together?

By changing the group’s colour scheme, your chosen colour will appear in the group’s name, the timeline column, and next to each item in the group.

There are several colours to choose from, so start exploring and building them into your monday.com board designs today! It’s fun and will really brighten up your monday.com board designs, while also making it easier to distinguish between your different boards at a glance.

Add some colour to your groups


Thank you for sharing Amalia! :slight_smile:

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Would be great if we could add colours to match our company branding


Yes, or select custom colors from a color wheel, like other apps have.