Changing status after a formula column Changes

Hello there,
I’m facing a trouble

I have those columns “QUITO”, “COCA”, “DISPONIBLE” which are mirrored from the sublements.
“DISPONIBLE” column is linked with the total of subelements.
“MIN STOCK” and “MIN SOLICITAR” columns are set by the user, both are column numbers.
“ACCION” column works with this function IF({DISPONIBLE}<{MIN STOCK},“REQUERIR”,“OK”)
For example if “MIN STOCK”=6 and “DISPONIBLE”=5, then 5<6 “ACCION” column will display “REQUERIR”.

“(C) REQUERIMIENTO” is a status column that would display “SOLICITAR STOCK”, “OUT STOCK”, “DEFINIR”

What I need
I need an approach to link “ACCION” column with “(C) REQUERIMIENTO” column in a way when if “MIN STOCK”=6 and “DISPONIBLE”=5, then 5<6 “ACCION” column will display “REQUERIR”, and “(C) REQUERIMIENTO” column would change status to “SOLICITAR STOCK” and send a notification.

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You find something to solve this?
I have the same problem to solve