Changing Team Member Password

It would be great as an Admin to be able to change a team members password.

I have almost the same request here. It would be great if the admin could ERASE a password so that the member can reset it later on.
In my case, we use generic email addresses related to positions in the company. If a person leaves, I need to log on Monday on his PC as to get the email that will allow me to reset his password. Not very convenient when you don’t have the PC password and the email password.
I would be much easier if we could directly erase their password as an option in the user pop-up menu (besides deactivate for example). When this is done, the next person can simply come, create a new password and easily log on to monday, using his own email.
This would also prevent a person leaving the company to remove any data in monday.
Thank you for taking this into account