Security Hole

When an employee leaves, can you log them out and change their password to prevent access. Any help please?

You should be deactivating the account entirely. Then they can’t log in, and get logged out quite rapidly. Also if the employee left, and your complaint is they can send themselves emails… how do they still have access to their corporate email? This sounds a lot more like administrative practices issues than a security hole.

I suggest reading this:


Thanks Cody! I completely agree. As a startup that scaled rapidly, we are working on getting these practices in place. Appreciate the articles.

I’d recommend if you can afford it, using a service account for all integrations and dashboards (boards and automations could be done this way as well, but transferring ownership on those is much easier) on This account, admins would have password to, and if an admin departs one of the others can change the user password to lock the termed employee out. This way you don’t have to worry about integrations or dashboard ownership issues (which are currently trickier to transfer).

The main reason on integrations is those are often integrated with external services - which you would likely have to cycle too if an admin departs. At least this way its easy enough to reauthenticate to those services. The main issue is integrations in custom recipes can’t be transferred. It gets to be a mess.

If you have complicated business critical workflows, a service account which owns the boards, the automations, etc. is the best way to go. In fact it should be the only board owner in some cases to prevent unexpected modification. Even admins who actually work in monday would use non-admin accounts on the daily, at least until the new permissions model is out and we can see whats coming.

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