User with existing account on for another company

I invited a new user/member to our instance (Web app). The user is already using for another company, and is getting prompted for her password. I am assuming that since she already has an account with another company that she should try logging in with that password but what is the norm and if that doesn’t work, how do we proceed?
I am the Admin for our company account but do not know how she would navigate or access multiple company instances with the same username/login.
Anyone have any experience with this?

hi @AlexatEvolve

Welcome to the community! I am using a couple of different accounts myself. Users (and passwords) are bound to a specific account, so the user should login with the username and password that you have setup for your account. The user selects with monday they want to work in by using the correct account URL: or

Hope that solves the issue.

Thanks for responding so quickly and confirming that each instance has it’s own username/password. So then if I have invited them to my instance the same way I have for all of my users they should get an email inviting them to our “” and to set-up their account and password.

They have not received this email and we do not “set” passwords, we have them set-up their own account since we have users that are not a part of our domain.

So something isn’t working here, nothing in spam inviting them, nothing that I can set-up other than inviting a user to join our instance. What am I missing here?