Clear the values of all columns when a status changed

Would it be possible to create a feature that will clear the values in a text field when a status column changes to something?

We are wanting create items that are associated with specific GPS units. These units will move with our inventory from a vendor to our stores and return back to the vendor. When the arrive back at the vendor we would like to be able to delete the inventory information from the previous shipment so that new inventory information can be used. The reason we don’t want to delete the item and create a new one is because they are associated with a specific QR code that will be attached to a label on the GPS units.

hi @Andrew.Oehlert

Welcome to the community. Although there is no built-in automation to clear all columns of an item on status change it can be done by developing a custom app. If you want this app to be usable for other use-cases it is important to understand what columns (or column types) need to be cleared. The easy one to do is to clear all available columns for an item (except for the name).

We develop these kind of apps and offer them for a fair price. The price depends on the usability for other use case. Let me know if you are interested.

Thank you for your response. What would the process be to request that custom App and what would be a general price range for this specific app? Obviously I am not asking for specific pricing, I just want to know if it is an option worth pursuing.

It depends: if you are happy with a generic app (clearing ALL columns on the item - except name) on status change I think I can do such app for a ont-time charge of 29 Euro per account.

All our apps has a free 10-day trial period

Let me know