Client Board link to Project Board

I have developed a client board which lists off our clients. Currently I have not invited them as users/ guests (yet), but I have begun building project boards which are based around each client.

My question is, within my Project Board, can I create a column or use a different area on the board, that connects to the specific related client I have listed in my client board? Thank you in advance.

You could add a link column to the client board. Then put the url of the board for the client in the link.

Thank you. That works for the client information on the client board and it is a good idea that I am going to implement.
What I would like as well is someway to reverse that so that if I am in the Project Board I can select that client link and be taken to the Client List board if I needed any client information.

Hey @TyeZ, thanks for following up with this question! What would you think about adding a link column in the Project Board as well? From there you get the URL to either the client list board or the individual item with the client information to be taken to the Client LIst board if you needed any client information. Off the top of my head that is the simplest way—what do you think? :blush: