Collapse all folders

Have all folders collapsed by default

Hey team,

I am a frequent user of your platform and I find it very helpful for organizing my work. However, I would like to suggest a new feature that would make it even more efficient for me and other users like me.

My request is for an option to have all folders collapsed by default when I open a Monday board. Currently, when I log in, all folders are expanded, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming to navigate. I believe this feature would be particularly useful for users who have a large number of boards, folders and docs.

Ideally, this feature would be customizable, allowing users to choose whether they want all folders collapsed or expanded by default. It could be implemented as a toggle switch or a setting in the user preferences.

I believe this feature would improve the user experience for many users, and I hope you will consider adding it to your platform in a future update. Thank you for your consideration and for providing such a great tool for project management.

Love this idea. Want to build on it and ask for a keyboard shortcut that toggles expand/collapse folders as well.


Yes this would be fantastic. Hoping this feature will be available soon.

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You can use the CTRL+G to colapse/expand all folders.

Hey Mihai, thanks for your comment.

But it seems that CTRL+G actually collapses/expands all groups in a board, and not the folders.