Column move or transfer partially and capacity?

  1. One item has 1 to 50 columns.
    Here, columns from column 1 to column 10 are left as items.
    Columns 11 to 30 are sub-items with 1,
    How do I move the function expression from column 31 to column 50 to sub-item 2?
    I would appreciate it if you could tell me specifically.

  2. Is there a number of columns allowed per item for the formula or Monday to operate smoothly? Almost unlimited?

thank you

Hey @jhyuklee,

So that I can get a better understanding of your end goal here, would you be happy to share a screenshot of your set up (providing no confidential information is shared)? Am I correct in understanding that you’d like to convert some parent item columns, into columns related to your subitems?

As for your second question, I can investigate this internally however wanted to check - how many columns would you ideally like to include in the formula column?

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