Subtracting Inventory from Warehouse to Specific Location

Hey All,

I’m working to integrate an inventory system. My company has a main warehouse that receives most of our deliveries, and many different Work Sites that get materials shipped from the warehouse. We also have extra unused materials sent back to the warehouse after a project is finished.

I currently have my entire inventory logged into a workspace. I’m trying to use the sub-items as ‘transfer tickets’. I.E. when someone requests material from the warehouse, it would be logged as a sub-item under that specific item.

How would I go about making a formula to pull from several columns that will add/subtract from the warehouse while adding/subtracting from a specific site (depending on who is requesting or returning materials)?

I’m a beginner at coding (meaning I can handle excel formulas very well, but wouldn’t even know where to begin if I were tasked to build a program), so any help I could get would be much appreciated! Any other formatting ideas for how to best handle this task would also be very welcome.

Thank you!

Hey Dusty!

Charlotte here from the monday team! We’d be happy to help you build a formula for this!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot (without any sensitive information, of course) to show the columns you’re looking to add/subtract within the formula so we can come up with an idea or two?

You will want to add the formula column as a subitem column in order to pull the information from other subitem columns.

Also, it would be helpful to understand what the ideal outcome or calculation you’d like to see is so we can better understand what type of formula we can help you set up!

For example, are you looking to see a “Materials used to date” subtracted from a “X material inventory” column to understand how much of X material you have left to use?

Let us know what you think!

@Dusty I just noticed your post here about integrate an inventory system on and suggest checking out Jetpack apps (monday Gold marketplace partner) newest app Triggerly for generating QR codes to track and update inventory values and statuses. Let me know if this works for you!