Inventory Items Low with Formula Totals, Change Status Automatically?

We are a dietary supplement manufacturer. We have a list of raw materials that always have the same Product Number/Code, but every time we receive another shipment to update the stock, we have to assign that specific amount a new Lot Number. We may have 3 different lot numbers from the same product at any time. You can see I created these with the Sub Items.
Can the Formulas that keep an accurate count of received vs used, automatically notify/email someone if the total drops below a certain point? In this Scenario, you can see the PAR formula has “3,000”. I can’t set an automation, because to get the automation to work we have to manually change the Status column. Is there a way to automatically do this using Sub Items as the QTY input/output?

Hi, you cant do this natively in Monday, but you should be able to using the General Caster App, and you definitely can with Make/Integromat/Zapier. The reason you cant directly in Monday… Formula and Mirror column values are not “stored” in Monday, but are calculated by your browser whenever you look at the data - this is why you cannot run automations on the values.

General Caster allows you to run a formula in an automation, and then store the result (or “cast” it) to another field, and it has a specific function MONDAY.NUMBER.SUM to sum the subitems and allow you to cast the value back to a number column on the item.
General Caster Documentation

General caster does have a slight difference in the way you write the formulas, but once you get used to it, it can be quite powerful and gets around this Monday issue.


Hey @asg! We hope @MHaigh’s suggestions helped but let us know at if you need some further assistance with your workflow! :blush:

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