How to Automate Inventory Management

I want to use monday for keeping track of inventory, and automatically re-ordering when it reaches a trigger level, thus sending an email to a supplier including the part no, and qty being purchased.

Then I want it to set an estimated delivery date 7 days from now, whilst also updating another ‘on order’ column. Once the delivery turns up, I want to press a button to book it in.

I’m not asking for a lot! lol

So far I have as shown below. By pressing the + and - buttons it adjusts the stock level:


Now I can’t find an automation that will work for the next bit, I’m hoping someone can help. Maybe there is an integration I can try, so far I have tried auto boost but didn’t quite work. I want something that looks like this:

When ‘In Stock’ is equal to ‘Trigger’
Send (gmail) and ‘email’ to ‘supplier email’
And ‘apply formula’ to ‘on order’
And set ‘est. delivery’ date to ‘7 days from now’.

And for when the delivery arrives:
When ‘Delivered’ button is pressed
Apply ‘formula (‘in stock’ + ‘on order’)’ to ‘in stock’

Any suggestions are very welcome, I am desperate to go this working, it will be a game changer!


Hi @joe.morgans :wave:

Sounds like you’ve done an amazing job in setting up so far! I’ve got something very similar already set up and can show you through it anytime you want.

Let me know when you’re free!

Hey @joe.morgans! Sounds like you’ve got a perfect workflow mapped out and just need to fill in the gaps.

Reading between the lines, it sounds like the gaps are

  1. Ability to perform equal to trigger
  2. Executing the formula and storing result
  3. Maybe pushing dates, but I think this is covered natively?

I was hoping to come tell you I had the exact answer, but I just checked, and presently I don’t. What I can say is our we just released a new app, CarbonToolbelt, which can flll some of the gaps.

It can already do the formulas and push dates while keeping times (if that mattered).

The app was built with expansion in mind and I will see that we add this tool to the belt.

  • When any column changes, if ‘column’ is equal to/greater/less than ‘column’, then…

I can see dozens of use cases for this, great thing to point out!

If you’re having other workflow automation challenges feel free to mention them here or add them to our Recipes Ideas Form. It just released last week with 20+ native integrations + automation action blocks, with plenty more to come.

@joe.morgans I have done demos of this and build custom solutions. We have even cone point of sale integrations to solve the disconnect between inventory and sales. Below is a post that you can reference from our experience:

If oyu want to learn more or just talk strategy reach out and we can talk about how to bring your inventory management system to the next level!

Mike B
Automation Architect