Inventory management

Hi, i have created an inventory board. Does anyone know if it is possible that my stock system updates automatically instead of updating manually when something sells?

My website currently runs on WooCommerce and that has an in built stock system but ideally i would like to use Monday.

Hi @Shaya - you could utilize to integrate your website with monday to help control your inventory, this would be the best way with the most control.

We are always happy to assist where needed as well, feel free to reach out anytime.

Thanks. Would it integrate with woocommerce?

Hi @Shaya - can integrate with most platforms including woocommerce and monday. It’s just an exercise of understanding the requirements and setting up the scenario to connect the two.


Thanks so much.

I went to but have no idea how to do this.

How complicated is this?

Hi @Shaya - is a low code/no code solution so the complexity can be low depending on the needed solution. We are happy to assist where need be as well.


Hi @Shaya Here is an example for how to an inventory solution was created on monday using the vlookup app - That updates automatically when something sells.

Let me know if you have any questions.

The best inventory management software for resellers

You have to use an inventory management software integrated with woocommerce. Monday is a great solution which can easily connectable with woocommerce.

Organize your Monday project based on your demands. You may take help from other sass inventory platforms’ demo or free trial or freemium account to get idea about inventory management features., give freemium account for life time. You may take the help to from these freemium features to organize your Monday project.

Use to integrate with woocommerce
Or you may develop a plugin that can works with Monday.