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Hi! We are a plant nursery- we happened to hire an ex tech startup project manager recently. They encouraged us to use and Zapier to manage our woo commerce online orders. Looking at the functionality of Monday and their slick promo videos I was giddy to sign up for their service. 20 hours later, agonizing over how to do a simple status change in Monday that integrates with woo commerce I’m at a loss. Does it have to be this complicated? Am I trying to use for something it was never intended for?
All we are trying to do is to change an ‘on-hold’ order within woocommerce to a ‘Processing’ order within woocommerce via Is this in any way possible or should I look elsewhere- another SAAS provider for this basic functionality? We have tried to do this within Zapier as well but I believe we are coming across the same issue of limited integration functionality of and other software. Any help or direction would be appreciated as I am by no means a technocrat.

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Hi @Restoringeden1 - Welcome to the community!

The problem you are running into is a problem with Zapier and its WooCommerce integration, rather than an issue with monday․com. Zapier has only limited actions it can affect on WooCommerce, but you can change a status in WooCommerce using a more robust no-code tool called Integromat. It works beautifully with monday․com and has a ton of potential triggers and actions, as you will see here: WooCommerce Integrations | Integromat

The one you need is listed under Actions - WooCommerce Integrations _ ...

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